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15% per year in many UK and worldwide airports. Therefore, the need for automated systems to transport this rising volume of baggage at high speeds around airports is becoming evident. Current baggage systems are often high consumers of energy and with a drive towards a more sustainable world, an energy efficient system is also important.

Linear motors prove to be a reliable solution to this problem. Mechanical and thermal losses are small leading to highly efficient systems which require very little maintenance due to a lack of contact between moving parts. They can also be partnered with an intelligent control system which combined with their high speed, leads also to an increase in operational efficiency.

Linear Motors have already been adopted in many of the world's airports and the benefits of doing so continue to be clear.

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With the help of the linear motor system - Bagtrax, Heathrow Terminal 5 has increased it's baggage capacity from 5200 to 7200 bags per hour as well as reducing connection times between terminals and mishandled bag figures. Baggage can be easily tracked with the individual carrier system helping with lost luggage and operational costs have also decreased.

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